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The first licence was issued on 7th October 1895 to Annie Moran.  The hotel was then named the Wadeleigh Hotel and was situated a few miles south of its present site.  The building was moved to Bororen at the turn of the Century. 

Bororen Hotel

While holidaying the Brisbane to see the exhibition of 1816, Lily Willis was offered the job of Managing the Hotel for 3 pounds a week, quite a large sum in those days.  Lily had previously worked at the Old Royal Hotel at Rosedale as a Coffee Room Waitress and later as a Housekeeper at the First Colosseum Hotel.  Arriving by train at Rosedale she then proceeded by Butchers Cart to Scrubby Creek and from there by Coach to the Hotel.  Lily managed the Hotel for six monthes before the Hotel was purchased by Arthur George Melville.  Not long after Arthur arrived, Lily and he decided to marry.  They were married on August 5th 1897.


When the Hotel was moved to its present site it was described as wood with two parlour bars.  It only had four bedrooms, one public bar and stables, which was unusal for the courntry.  The Hotel continued to be called the Wadeleigh Hotel into the 1950's.  In 1972, the then owners bricked in the verandahs and until november 1996 remained that way.  One of the original buildings which in later years was used for accommodation was sold and moved to make way for the addition of six motel rooms about 12 years ago.  In restoring the Hotel back to something similar to its former self, as much of the original timber was retained as possible.  In keeping with the present look of the Hotel six more Motel rooms have been added in the same style featuring French Doors and Verandahs.


There is a story around town of the "Resident Ghost" who liked a tipple to two during the night and that we should watch the levels in the spirit bottles.  Watch out for your own experience of the "Ghost" who has learned how to ring broken night bells.


We hope you enjoy your visit with us.


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